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White elastic band

Product Name: White Elastic Band
Main raw materials: polyester + rubber yarn
Brand: Kaiping Qifan
Scope of application: clothing, apparel
Item No .: A8200926
Color: white
Specification: 35mm / can be customized other widths
Width: 35mm / other widths can be customized
Materials: Environmentally friendly materials
Packing: 50 yards / roll or according to customer requirements
Product serial number
Product details

Start with materials!
Imported rubber yarn, new environmental protection yarn,
High-quality materials, weaving our high-end products!


Quality display, high-end quality



Below is our regular packaging,
Various ways, practical and convenient,
Can also be packaged according to customer requirements.


Order process
The order process below, please understand in detail,
If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

Qifan Road, Brand Road
Along the way, work together to develop;
Integrity and cooperation for a win-win situation.



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