Guangdong Kaiping Qifan Weaving Co., Ltd., formerly known as Guangdong Kaiping Jianbang ribbon Co., Ltd., was founded in 1992.

A small factory with more than 40 equipment, more than 30 employees and a single product.


In 1999, the company purchased 50 mu land in Shagang Industrial Park of Kaiping City and built new factory buildings.
In 2001, the new workshop was completed and put into use formally on December 1 of the same year. It was renamed Kaiping Qifan Weaving Co., Ltd.



The official website of the company has been opened, with more than 100 sets of new equipment added. The products have been expanded from the original mercerized elastic belt and wrapped yarn to jacquard belt, transverse belt, PP belt, wrapping belt, anti-skid belt, mother and child belt and other webbing. The service field has been expanded from the garment industry to household, luggage and other industries.

More than 2600 square meters of workshops will be expanded, and more than 120 sets of machines will be added. The products are extended to knitting belt, knitting button door, knitting binding and so on. The product has passed the European Union Oeko-Tex100 standard verification, opened the foreign Alibaba website, introduced the ERP management system, and passed the ISO9001:2000 quality certification.



The new office building was completed and relocated, the 5S and quality improvement system was deepened, more than 90 sets of old equipment were replaced, and the domestic Alibaba platform was opened. In 2012, he joined the China ribbon industry summit and became a governing unit.

A research and development team was set up to successfully develop high-performance ribbon products in line with the military industry; an imported full-automatic monitoring and packaging production line was introduced; more than 40 sets of more complete Ribbon equipment and 4 sets of finishing equipment were added; in 2016, it became the host of China ribbon Industry Summit Seminar, and the summit was successfully held in Guangzhou Huadu in November of the same year.



In 2017, he joined the line and belt branch of China Industrial Textiles Industry Association, became vice chairman unit, introduced new ERP management system and customer management system, and comprehensively promoted the construction of enterprise culture.

In 2019, the company will focus on product innovation, create value for customers, and move forward in the direction of win-win for employees, customers and suppliers!


ADD:135 Industrial Park Avenue, Shuikou Town, Kaiping City, Guangdong Province


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