2023 Spring Dinner and Commendation Conference


A song "winter jasmine" brings the breath of spring and the rhythm of striving, attracting everyone's eyes to the stage, and the party is about to begin.


Before the party, department staff took photos as a souvenir.
















A song "winter jasmine" brings the breath of spring and the rhythm of striving, attracting everyone's eyes to the stage, and the party is about to begin.

Vice President Li announced the official start of the 2023 Spring Tea Dinner and Commendation Conference. You are very welcome to attend the conference. Here, on behalf of all my colleagues in Kaiping Qifan Weaving Co., Ltd., I would like to express my warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to you for coming.


Speech by the Chairman of the 1.


Thirty years ago, Qifan Company was based in the textile industry. Thirty years later, a large-scale and diversified group enterprise was displayed in front of us; thirty years of hard work, condensed the hard work and sweat of Qifan people, and recorded The wisdom and joy of Qifan people! Qifan, 30 years old, is full of vigor and vitality, exudes the charm of youth, and is full of confidence in the future development! 2023 is another 30-year starting year for Qifan Company, a new starting point and a new journey!


II: Awards

Set sail in the sail, ride the wind and waves to move forward steadily, Qifan people remember the company's mission, that is, to become a competitive production service provider in the ribbon industry, to provide customers with high-value products and quality services! We understand very well that in order to become a competitive production service provider in the ribbon industry, we first have competitive employees in the industry!







Won the 2022 Outstanding Employee Award



Awarded2022 Outstanding Middle-level Cadre Award





Awarded5S Management Excellence Award

5S is a management tool that Qifan has been implementing for more than ten years, namely sorting out, rectifying, cleaning, cleaning and accomplishment. It has standardized our behavior. Now we have formed a habit. The production workshop, office and other areas are very clean and tidy. The overall quality of Qifan family has been greatly improved.


AwardedAccompanying peers ~ immediate family members working together award

Qifan's platform is stable. Many family members recommend friends, classmates and relatives to work together in the company and make concerted efforts to contribute to the development of the company.


AwardedOutstanding Recommended New Employee Award

The development of the company needs to continuously introduce new talents. Colleagues of the company are anxious for the company. They actively recommend to relatives and friends through their own personal connections, and specially formulate the award for recommending excellent new employees.



The core values of the company are cooperation, enterprising, gratitude and win-win. The meaning of "gratitude" is: the company is grateful for the sincere efforts of its employees, the employees are grateful for the establishment of a platform for the company, the realization of self-worth, the interdependence of each other, the pride of gratitude and the shame of ingratitude. In order to express our gratitude to colleagues who have been following the development of the company, the company has awarded service awards to employees who have served in the company for 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years and 25 years!


Received 5 years service award
Prize: Goldfish




Awarded10 Years Service Award
Prize: Golden Sailboat



Awarded15 Years of Service Award
Prizes: Golden rice bowl (small)





Awarded20 Years of Service Award
Prize: Golden rice bowl (large)





Awarded25 yearsService Award
Prizes: Golden Luckies Cat




3. Dinner Time, Leader Toast

The company thanks all suppliers for their support over the years. The development of Qifan is inseparable from everyone's hard work. In the future, everyone needs to cooperate more closely, work together for mutual benefit and win-win results.





Share the joy of success and the joy of the party with all the staff, thank the staff for their hard work and strive to create today's sail, let us make persistent efforts and achieve better results!





5. draw

The prizes for the party are very rich, including smart watches, drinking fountains, juicers, cleaning robots, millet TVs, etc. There are also cash lucky draws, with many prizes and great chances of winning. Every time we announce the number, it is our exciting moment..






















After 30 years of operation, we have accumulated experience in operation and technology. With a group of employees with strong centripetal force, as well as suppliers and customers who have been cooperating sincerely, this is Qifan's strong capital! I believe that under the helm of Chairman Yu, the development of Qifan Company will surely advance steadily in the next 30 years, and it will definitely be bigger and stronger!