Guangdong Kaiping Qifan Weaving Co., Ltd. ("Province Qi Canvas" for short) was born in the beautiful hometown of family state company building (world peanuts)-Guangdong Kaiping City Company was established in 1992 and its predecessor was Guangdong Kaiping Jian Ribbon Factory.
      The company's existing production area is 50 acres, and the plant area is about 2000 square meers. It has more than 300 high-speed weaving and ironing machine yarns, 20 and 12 winding root wrapping machines, and five inspection and suction machine packaging lines. It is specialized in the production of webbing. The output is more than 3-5 billion yards.


      The company has been awarded as "Guangdong Province Contract-abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise", "Safety Production Technology Level 3 Enterprise (Textile)", "A-level 17 Enterprise", "2018 Top Ten Enterprises in China's Wire Belt Industry", and "Guangdong Guangdong Province" for consecutive years. Researching the honorary titles of "Weaving Engineering Materials Engineering Technology Center", "Provincial Jiang City Engineering Technology Center", etc., passed the ISO9001:2015 international quality management system certification and the "AEO General Certification Enterprise" management certification issued by Jiangmen Customs. Product Oeko-tex10 certification, Qifan brand mercerized elastic band series products "Guangdong Province Famous Brand" activated.

      With nearly 30 years of development, Qifan has its own research and production capabilities. The product categories include: mercerized elastic band, knitted elastic band, jacquard elastic band, various structural tight bands, and bound elastic bands, cross-grained belts, and walking belts. , Ropes, mask belts, protective clothing belts, etc., the product application has also developed from the original clothing industry to sports goods, protective health products, luggage and footwear, medical equipment, automobile industry, furniture industry and other fields, which are related to people's clothing, food, housing and transportation. information. At present, the company's products have been sold to more than 20 countries and the whole country.


      With the accompanying and the company’s growth, Qifan’s new positioning in 2019, starting from the definition of corporate mission and new development vision, has become the goal-to become an extremely attractive manufacturer and service provider in the textile industry, providing customers with high-value Products and high-quality services; Vision-sustainable development, to achieve a win-win situation for the company, employees, and customers.
Originally, in addition to continuously improving the quality of traditional products, Qifan also continued to provide our products

      The products are given to the messengers of the times to adapt to the development of the society and meet the various needs of customers. Therefore, in addition to developing product types and prices, the company has independently successfully researched hundreds of innovative products in recent years, and more than a dozen new varieties have obtained utility model patent certificates certified by national intellectual property rights. The new product design is mainly researched and produced from the directions of individualization, aesthetics, comprehensive performance and customer needs, including: bulletproof, bulletproof, insect-proof bullet, luminous, realistic belt, high, specific low shrinkage rate, antibacterial, temperature change and light intensity , Remote change, high shrinkage, reduction, regeneration, degradable, etc.; among them, the newly studied specific low shrinkage elastic band can be woven with a shrinkage rate of less than 2% from the original 8%. This large size improves the molding effect and use performance of the product , The series of products have become the current key promotion project of Qihang Company, and have been highly recognized by customers.


    Once, Qifan Company continued to study hard, constantly seek advanced management models, and continue to provide customers with high-value products and high-quality services.
(1) In 2006, Qifan Weaving Company passed the ISO9001 management system certification, and has been implementing it for more than ten years. From order to product delivery to after-sales service, we always implement the system requirements, strictly control every link, and gain customer recognition with high quality.
(2) In the process of realizing system management, Qifan Company operates original and introduced advanced computer management system and ERP management from the original single-recorded data to the current process statistical data that can be located and tracked; from customer orders to raw material orders, The whole process of production, packaging, warehouse release, complaint and return can be traceable and traceable in ERP.
(3) The company has been adopting the 5S on-site management method to create a good production cost, improve the on-time delivery rate, and create a safe, standard and comfortable working environment.
(4) Regarding sales management, Qifan’s sales department has established high-standard management objectives: salespersons must be in 8
Respond to processing customer orders within hours; customer complaints must be followed up within 24 hours until the processing is completed.
(5) All departments of the company have morning meetings every morning to share and summarize work, and strive to make a little progress every day and keep moving forward.

      Qifan Company seeks development and recruits talents. In 2006, it became the textile engineering technology cooperation base of Guangdong Wuyi University. It has long-term cooperation with universities to introduce outstanding talents and advanced management and technology to cultivate the company's stable and sustainable development. Foundation. The company also set up a technical innovation script to reward employees for technical innovation projects and innovation contributions every year to stimulate the enthusiasm of all employees for innovation.
     The development of nearly three people in Qifan Company has made human development difficult and difficult. The company uses the excavation of the construction and promotion of corporate culture, so that employees have a longing sense of belonging to the company, and effectively play the role of employees. In addition to organizing special events in normal times, the company also organizes various outings on annual anniversary celebrations, and employees who have made outstanding contributions to the company have been interrupted for more than 20 years.
      Qifan has always adhered to its mission, tirelessly, step by step, and strive to perfect products, provide customers with high-value products and quality services, and win the trust and support of customers around the world! So as to achieve a win-win situation for the company, employees, and customers!



ADD:135 Industrial Park Avenue, Shuikou Town, Kaiping City, Guangdong Province


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